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23 January 2014

01:28 am Dextrose Wiki edit: Journal_stats (#1)

10 September 2013

11:53 pm Dextrose Server Enhancement #4464 (Resolved): Ansible ramp up | Chronyd playbook (Syncing time on DXS)
chronyd mechanism is not designed for use case 2, as that not an expected use case.
At boot, chronyd will sync the...
11:50 pm Dextrose Server Defect #4476 (Resolved): Ansible ramp up | Chronyd playbook (Syncing time on "clients served by D...
Server is configured for listening to ntp requests from local network, so it's up to the client what ntp server use t...
11:45 pm Dextrose Server Enhancement #4469 (Resolved): Investigating captive portals for bandwidth management
They are too complex , and they are designed for embebbed platforms, so untie the parts we are interested in is not e...
11:17 pm Dextrose Server Enhancement #4293 (Feedback): Network setup playbook
What are the exact steps to reproduce this issue?
11:16 pm Dextrose Server Enhancement #4294 (Resolved): Ejabberd playbook
Ejabberd playbook is up and running.
The "online" group is created by the playbook, and enforced by moodle.
11:15 pm Dextrose Server Enhancement #4467 (Resolved): Provide the Ansible playbook that Ajenti can talk with to setup ban...
Added under role "wondershaper"
The way we managed the communication between ajenti and ansible, it's by using the...
04:52 pm Dextrose Server Wiki edit: _TODO__Wishlist_ (#2)
04:50 pm Dextrose Server Wiki edit: _TODO__Wishlist_ (#1)
04:41 pm Dextrose Server Wiki edit: Wiki (#14)

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